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Born To Set Men Free

Written by Stephen Stutzman

We just came thru the Christmas season again, with all its pomp and show. But I wonder how much we realize that this ‘first’ in Kingdom presentation, is not only a story of Jesus’ birth, but a representation of Kingdom principle. It is a revelation of how God’s Eternal purposes come to birth on the earth, and how they grow, mature, and function.

There is much in Heaven that needs to be born on Earth. The eyes of the Lord still roam the earth, seeking those whose face is turned toward Him, which is highly favored with God, and pure. There, to the ‘girls’ amazement, He promises a special and spectacular move of Heaven. This move, this Element of Divine, comes to birth unnoticed, off to the side in a back alley. The ‘Mother,’ tho, recognizes that something has come to be, and ponders it deeply in her heart.

Don’t expect those around to notice this birth. God himself will notify a few of the most unlikely, some shepherds in the nearby hills, that something spectacular from Heaven has arrived on earth. But most folks will sleep right through it all.

“And the shepherds said, Lets go and see this miracle that’s come to be, this little Babe, born to set men free....”

This move of God upon the earth, has been entrusted to your care while it grows to maturity. Herods will try to kill it, pretending to worship. Wise men will seek it from afar, understanding the true Nature of the Divine, and the intent to set men free. God Himself is watching, and angels from Heaven are attending. Don’t be in a hurry for everyone to see the power of Heaven in this move of God on earth, for it has a time and place. Just hold it close to your heart, love it, and feed it. This move of God, this Baby from Heaven, will mature and carry out it’s purpose. It can’t be drowned in a storm. It can’t be stopped by what already exists around it. Just pray, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.

One day this move of God on Earth will mature, and go into motion. Believe in it. Be prepared for the day when it no longer needs you, and in fact, you may fade into the background almost totally unnoticed. Remember to be there tho, in solid support, when hell notices and earth cries out for crucifixion of Heaven’s reality in motion. Marvel not if the world hates, it hated Jesus first, and will eventually come to hate everything else that truly comes from Heaven. A sword may pierce your own soul as you see this element of Heaven rejected and brutalized.

Fear not.

There is a resurrection.

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