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Dear Friend - A Letter from Jesus

Dear Friend, Bride, Lover,

I desire so much this morning that you could feel, and know, my love and excitement about you.

My Father loves you too. All of Heaven is standing as a great cloud of witnesses, cheering you on. My heart is lifted and blessed by your worship at my feet. I feel honored and revered by your adoration.

But, could you, just for a moment, come a bit closer? Stand up and come toward me… I want to look into your eyes. Don’t be afraid. I just want to look into your soul. I am sure I will see my reflection there.

You are so beautiful. Have I ever told you what a treasure Heaven considers it to be when Eternity looks into Time and finds itself reflected there? My Father doesn’t count gold to discover His wealth – He looks for My reflection on earth-in you. Remember? I taught you to pray for that will of Heaven to be done on earth-and I told you my purpose for you was to be conformed to my Image, right?

Here, let me push a little on you right here. See: rejection? I’m not rejected – I am the center of My Father’s attention and heart. So are you. You are accepted and loved HERE.

By the way, just so you know… Here is all that really matters. I dropped some hints about that when I was down for a visit and made sure they were written for you. Like: “the body of this death”, and “this mortality shall be…” and “Whosoever believed in Me shall never die.” Just hoping you would get the hint.

I think, just any time now, my Father is going to give the signal. The angel with the trumpet is standing ready. I can hardly wait, for the explosion from your confinement to my endlessness- from finite to infinite- from time to eternity. You will positively glow. You hear stories and paint pictures, and sing songs. I chuckle. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things you are going to experience Here.

I’ve noticed you spend a lot of time on your “issues” as you call them. Listen to Me: I appreciate the effort. I really do! But honey child, you have to understand by now your effort doesn’t amount to much HERE.

I’ll tell you what I really want, okay? Relax… don’t pull away- let me hold you. I want you to let go and let me. I will put you in places at work, home, and gatherings. I will bring those things that trouble you to the surface. When I do, don’t shy away. Grab them, and be honest with them, I know them all already now. Bring them to Me and surrender them. I will deal with that humanity and you will begin to look like ME!

Stop trying so hard. I see the dirty thoughts, depression, anxiety, emptiness… I see it all, and I am not worried.

You see, I have a mountain, and I am planning an upgrade… for YOU: an advance, a higher plane.

One tool you must learn to use- your words. Use them wisely. And don’t forget to come back here… often.

I love you. -Jesus

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