Strait Paths Foundation is a 501-C3 non-profit ministry.  We offer Biblical mentoring, teaching and training and are located in Lancaster, PA.  We also offer personal and group sessions, with a heart toward discipleship and leadership, that is Biblically founded and Christ centered.


To see eyes open to spiritual realities that exist in our world today, and the realities of eternity: That through understanding these realities, Christians would regain their inheritance: That in this pursuit of Christ, maturity would have occur, and in this maturity the glory and the healing that Christ designed for His church to produce, would become a way of life.


In 2009, discussion began about the possibilities of the Stutzman Family becoming an independent agent. In November 2009 a board was formed, and a meeting held in Florida over New Years.   As of January 1st, the Stutzmans became officially hired by Strait Paths.  Time is leased to Gospel Express or Door of Hope as needed, and the remainder of the time is underwritten through Strait Paths Foundation.




We are Lyle and Carla Martin. We both grew up in the Shippensburg, PA area, now we call Lancaster County, PA home. We live here with our five children, Patrick, Payton, Olivia, Preston, and Addelyne. I ran a small family business for 9 years, after a back injury that kept me from being able fully engage in the business, I decided to sell it. Any time I get a chance I like to drive bus for a local coach company. 

Carla loves to be with her family, and home-educates the children.
Several years ago, living with piles of hidden pain, we encountered Strait Paths, and our lives were radically changed. We have been delighted since to be involved in the ministry here in various roles. Carla helps with work Dorcas can’t keep up with, like bus cleaning, and helps at seminars with everything from registration to small group leading. I work in the office as office manager, coordinating events, helping with tech issues, setting up fund-raisers, conferences
and any other organizational things that come

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Hello, I’m Luronda. I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania
but skipped off to the mountains of western North Carolina for the past
several years. I have served with Gospel Express and spent several
months in Uganda. I do freelance graphic design and social media
marketing and look forward to serving with Strait Paths. I enjoy
traveling, spending time with friends over a good cup of coffee, and
driving truck with my family.



We are Stephen and Dorcas Stutzman of the Stutzman Family Singers and Strait Paths Foundation. We started writing down the songs God was giving us, and singing/recording, in 1993. 7 years later, in 2000, we began a more public phase of ministry under Gospel Express Ministries. We continued running our family business in Iowa, and traveling with music, ministry and Prison efforts for 7 years. In 2006, we sold the business and moved to NC to work for Door of Hope, a counseling and Discipleship ministry run alongside Gospel Express. After 3 years there, we founded Strait Paths Foundation and relocated to PA, where we reside today.

Dorcas grew up in OR, married Steve in 1990 and moved to Iowa. She is an author of several women’s books, and a beautiful cookbook. She enjoys being a mother to our 3 daughters and 2 sons, and connects with each one often. She also loves the Grandma stage, now with 5 grandbabies. She also does some speaking at womens events, and is a vital part of many of the seminars. She is also at each Training Event we do, and handles most of the organizational side. Dorcas has the further stress of extensive travel, and keeping up with the cleaning of the bus, and helping with Cruise schedules. On the side of her busy life, she enjoys the creative side of making new recordings, and the formulating of videos.

Stephen is a speaker and Biblical teacher. His role in the ministry as founder and CEO keeps him very busy, along with scheduling events, doing podcasts, writing, overseeing Newsletters, and occasional counseling sessions. He also manages 4 Land of Promise Conferences each year, 3 Training Events, several Men’s Conferences, music tours and multiple other events. Some of these events take him out of the country, including conflict resolution and mission structural advising for other entities. He recently completed his first book, and has several DVD teaching series, and he also serves as an Overseer in a local church. Steve likes occasional golf, snorkeling, and his favorite pastime is any time spent with Grandbabies and family.

The Stutzman’s passion is to know Christ and live His reality. They make their home near Lancaster, PA, with the office of Strait Paths in Bird in Hand, PA.



We are the James and Donna Yoder Family from Kalona, IA. This is the area where Steve grew up - He and James have known each other since school days. James is self-employed as a farmer and businessman. He cash-crops, raises hogs and chickens,  has a custom manure-hauling operation, and has a trucking business, along with other fledgling enterprises. In between all these demands, James also is the regional live-sound man, setting up sound for many gospel venues in our area. Donna works at a local pharmacy as a certified pharmacy technician. We make our home in the hills east of Kalona- when we are home.


We travel a lot for business, pleasure, music, and meetings, and someone has to keep all the schedules straight, and much of this falls to Donna. James travelled with the Stutzmans on several extensive tours scheduled under Gospel Express, as the sound tech. During these travels he heard and saw their passion to reach hurting souls both through music and other ministry. He also saw their heart to reach out to other people groups. Through these connections, the Yoders were asked to and consented to be on this board, to invest in the cause of Christ thru this ministry. James brings clear values and solid Midwestern business perspective to Strait Paths Board.



We are the Schlabachs, Ken, Carma, Nicolas, Patch, Kyra, Christopher, and Jenika. We make our home in the mountains of Northern North Carolina, an hour north of Asheville. Carma is a busy fulltime Mom, taking care of the home, Kenny, and their 5 children. Kenny is involved in a construction business with 2 other men.  They stay busy with a lot of upper-class homes being built by folks moving into the beautiful mountains from other parts of the nation. Kenny has also started several other successful businesses in the area and does some investment in Real Estate.


Earlier in his life as a single young man, Kenny traveled with the Stutzman's- driving the bus and singing bass, years ago. During this time he was involved in altar calls and praying with folks who

responded, both in churches and in prisons. This birthed in him a desire to be involved in the kind of ministry Strait Paths is- and now low and behold, he is a board member.


The Schlabach's desire to see the gospel preached everywhere motivated their

involvement here as well as in other mission outreaches, and also their local area. Even their workplace and home have become a place where community folk recognizes God's peace and power displayed.




We are Larry and Margaret Warfel from Halsey,OR. Larry is a cash crop farmer and sells tons of grass seed each year. He also enjoys financial coaching and travels some each year to make connections for his business, along with helping other farmers make wise investments and deal with risk management. Larry also serves on several boards for different operations across the country, and is a Pastor in a local church near Halsey.

Besides running a business, Larry also has his Private's Pilots Licence and enjoys flying his Cessna 150 either for business or pleasure. Larry and Margaret have known the Stutzman family most of their lives since Dorcas Stutzman's home town would be where Larry and Margret reside. After a lot of prayer and consideration Larry and Margaret joined the Strait Paths board and is currently filling the position of Chairman of the Board.



We are Richard and Tina Miller. After living in the South and the West most of our lives, we now live in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Richard works in the portable shed industry and recently joined our son, Jayberry, as a partner in his outdoor gear business.  Richard loves grilling and smoking meat for his family and friends on his many Weber grills.

Tina is an artist and homemaker.

We love the work Strait Paths is doing, and are excited to serve on the board.



We are John & Rosa Martin, Located in Lancaster County, PA.  John & Rosa were married in July of 2009 in Lancaster County PA,  Rosa’s home area. John is employed at Detwiler Roofing, a family-owned business.  Rosa stays busy mothering her growing family, helping her widowed mother, and loves working in the sun planting garden and flowers, etc.


John had a chance to get to know The Stutzman family better while driving their coach on a western tour some years ago. This opportunity to be exposed to a broader worldview of the bondage that so many people live in and call "normal" gave John a passion and a deep desire to be involved in bringing freedom. Both in regular life and in ministry, we want to be tools that God can use to direct people to true freedom and Light, that only come through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. John and Rosa enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and making new friends. Johns’ passion for expansion and excellence in approach, and his love for learning and new ideas, are a big part of his contribution to the Board at Strait Paths.

Strait Paths takes the Land of Promise Conference, and the other conferences we present, very seriously. There are many elements of this effort of safety behind the scenes, such as Prayer Teams, and individuals assigned to identify potential threats, that are not obvious to attendees. These components of LOP have been developed over time through the input of many different people, staff, attendees, and professionals. We are constantly improving protocol, yet in the end, all our dependency is on the God Who has called us to this ministry. 

As Strait Path's Foundation Board, we are dedicated to making Strait Path's office and events safe places for people to find freedom and healing in their lives and hearts.

We have had, and continue to have either a Board Member or a person designated by the board, to monitor the Conferences for accountability and safety's sake.  It is our goal for the Land of Promise Conferences to be a safe place for both victims and the offenders of all kinds, and we believe the same blood shed for all, can find redemption and healing for all.  If you feel like something out of line is occurring, please do not hesitate to notify one of us on the board, or one of the event organizers. 

Larry Warfel  | 541-974-0267  |  ldwvv@me.com

Richard Miller  |  817-659-9925  |  22rifle@gmail.com 

James Yoder  |  319-936-7763  |  riverland@kctc.net

John Martin  |  717-322-4379  |  martinjohn87@gmail.com

Kenny Schlabach |  828-467-1424 | ken@appalachianstorage.com