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and other original songs by the Stutzman's

We have included a CD with a synthesized playing of each song and musical score in each songbook. This is simply to help you understand the tune and timing as it is written. Of course, different schools, directors, and choruses will interpret the music in their own timing, speed, and expression. We welcome and look forward to hearing that creativity expressed.

60 Original Songs

A dramatic event of deliverance from serious debilitating oppression in 1992 birthed in us a passionate pursuit of the reality of truly knowing Christ. Very early in this journey, the Lord began to bring us songs of praise to Him. We wrote these songs down and began to sing them for other folks who were in need of hope and inspiration. The first song was the title song of this book, “It’s Jesus Christ”.


More songs followed. We began recording these songs in 1993 and have continued writing and recording for nearly 30 years, totaling 19 albums. Most of these albums are still available on our website and in bookstores. Some songs have found their way into Hymn books, and some have never been sung in a group. We continually get requests for some of these songs in sheet music, but most have never been written out. This book is a more comprehensive attempt at laying out the songs and having them correctly written into meter for those who want to use this material.

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