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Business leaders gathering together to deepen their understanding of Kingdom principles in Business.








At this time, we do not have a conference scheduled for 2025



   Several partners and I attended this conference in hopes of gaining a little more clarity on how to incorporate Kingdom into everyday business. We were able to take home some practical everyday habits and tools that have helped in the day-to-day, but more importantly, it helped us get to a unified “WHY”!     

Our purpose as a company now is simply to “Build the Kingdom of God.”  

   The speakers were all very knowledgeable and experienced in the topics they covered.

- Business Owner from OH

  • Seeing Business through a Kingdom lens

  • Examining the deeper motivations of our hearts in Business

  • Developing Kingdom Culture in Business

  • Kingdom view of Success and Reward

  • Understanding God's heart for your success

  • Motives and Reins of Business

   The business seminar and the biblical principles that were taught in it caused me to see that my business is my ministry opportunity. I was set free from a subconcience guilt that was accusing me of not being in the will of God because I am not in “full time ministry.” Now I realize I am the hands and feet of Jesus in whatever circumstances I find myself in.

- Business owner from TN


  • Can I love God and Business?

  • Exhausted is not a Virtue.

  • Arriving on Purpose.

  • Three Traits of High Performing Team.

  • Understanding My Numbers.

  • Of Kingdom, Economy, and Currency.

  • Right People, Right Seats.

  • Delegation; Key to Scaling and Flourishing.

  • How to Win in Sales.

  • Kingdom Pathways in Business

   The idea of hiring the right people for the key places based on a basic personality test was a new idea for me. It makes total sense and is something we are implementing going forward. I also appreciate the networking and the business connections that have developed from there. It is an excellent way to pull back away from our tunnel vision of our business and get a better overall perspective of how God views business, money, and the values of His Kingdom.

-Business owner form IA



   Stephen Stutzman is the CEO of Strait Paths Foundation, a ministry founded by himself and his wife, Dorcas in 2007. He lives in Lancaster PA near the ministry with his wife Dorcas of 33 years, their five children, and seven grandchildren.

   Steve was born on a farm in a rural ag community in Keota, IA. His mother was killed in an accident on a mission trip early in life, giving him a perspective into both sorrow and missions. Steve began experimenting in business as a teenage boy and started his own business at 22 yrs old, which he operated for 15 years in Iowa City, IA.
Steve is gifted in taking Kingdom concepts from Scripture and making them understandable. This ability pulled him from the business world into prison ministry and later into counseling and teaching seminars, primarily on issues surrounding spiritual bondages. These engagements led to the exit of business and full-time engagement in ministry in 2007.

Steve also has a passion for Kingdom missions; and is active in helping multiple organizations with board structure, definition, and personnel conflict. This includes helping people find their purpose and calling. Steve does multiple Training events per year, as well as seminars both in the US, and in other countries and languages. 
The passion for business has never completely left Steve. He continues to do coaching and teaching on elements of business, especially where Business intersects with the pursuit of Kingdom realities that Jesus taught concerning the present and how they relate to our future.



   Steve Byler is a Businessman and Church leader from Harrisonburg VA, where he resides with his wife, Rosa of 35 years, his seven children, and nine grandchildren.

Steve has long been a sought-after speaker, particularly in churches and in the academy, for his theological and expositional talents. A bi-vocational pastor for most of his life, Steve is uniquely passionate about developing successful leaders in both the church and business life. His experience gives him a wide range of interests and expertise in business,  theology, and particular insight into the challenges and opportunities created when these two overlap.

Steve also has extensive experience in boards and non-profits. In 2017, with pressure from these endeavors, plus church leadership and business, Steve experienced a high-level burnout and was unable to function fully for several months. This experience, and the following healing, has given him a clear view into the imperatives of rest, prioritization, and leadership that must be a part of every Kingdom business life.

   Steve is an entrepreneur at heart, involved in the daily operations of a business, while also serving the church in various roles.  He has overseen significant growth in businesses, and lead the transition of Backyard Leasing from a family business through a merger with a larger company that involves corporate structure. He is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker and business coach with a passion for Kingdom leadership and business, seeing healthy people grow healthy teams and lead healthy organizations that glorify God and produce flourishing humans.



   Willard is an entrepreneur from Godley, TX, where he currently lives with his wife Lisa of 25 years, and their six children. Willard is serving as President of Ulrich Horse Barns LLC, in a division started in TX in 2022. Over the past 30 years, he has established and built several businesses. Born in an ag community near Lebanon, PA, Willard first entered the entrepreneurial world at 15 years of age in agriculture. This led him into custom harvesting, trucking, and other pursuits. He moved to California, where he engaged in several other business endeavors.  In 2018, his CA company merged with Ulrich Lifestyle of Fort Worth, TX, a business conglomerate with a corporate structure, where he now serves as President of 1 division.

   Willard is a public speaker/teacher who has a passion for Christ's Kingdom and served as associate pastor for 3 years at Southgate Redemption Center in Bakersfield, CA before moving to TX in 2022. His inborn fascination with business and years of experience in labor, ownership, growth, and corporate give him a unique viewpoint on business and coaching. He loves building teams, helping set goals, and helping teams win. His familiarity with his own failures and weak areas gives him the ability to identify and aid others in the pursuit of Kingdom reality. Willard's passion for Bible prophecy, and the plan of Christ for the ages, runs through all his teaching and business culture notions.

KEB Speakers

Bobby Eaton

   Bobby Eaton is the founder of Liberty Sheds in Mockville, NC, where he resides with his wife, Sharla, of 44 years. Bobby has been in various business pursuits all of his adult life, including construction, masonry, and manufacturing. He has various current business interests ranging from storage sheds, real estate, and manufacturing to a variety of other businesses. He is the majority owner, shareholder, or minority owner in 24 companies. 

   Bobby currently resides in Salisbury, NC. He is active in the community and local church, along with several non-profits. He is the proud father of eight children, and an involved grandfather to 13 grandchildren. Bobby's autobiography, “The Boy in the Window” is a compelling read about his poverty in childhood and his personal journey to freedom. 

   Bobby enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, and his hobby farm. Bobby does some business coaching and is passionate about Kingdom business and serving others.



   Steve Miller is a passionate Kingdom man from Harrison, AR, living there as a local church Pastor for the past 10 years with his wife, Karen, of 22 years.

   Steve was born in Belize, Central America, to a missionary family. He spent some growing up years in FL and then moved to AR. Steve started his own business in AR which he ran for 25 years. Responsibilities as a Pastor and a father to his five boys instigated a change in direction and Steve began work as a business consultant, which he has done for five years. Currently, he is finishing an advisory degree from Kent State and working as a Sales/Business Advisor for Gehman Accounting (in PA). 

   Steve is passionate about helping businesses prosper as Kingdom lifestyle, not separating the life from the sacred, but living Jesus' principles out in the details of business. His teaching leans toward finding the pleasure of the Lord in what we do in our work. Steve helps businesses find the gaps in the operation and in the business culture that are "leaking"  away Kingdom resources. His experience and passion are inspirational and beneficial on several levels, along with his faith that Jesus' ways work.


Jim Zimmerman

   Jim Zimmerman was born and raised on a farm near Lancaster, PA, the same area he lives in with his wife, Lois. As a farmer, Jim started in the business world at 22 years old, designing and building forage mixers for the dairy industry. Seven years later, Jim sold the business following a life-changing encounter with Christ. 

   Jim has been involved in local church life and leadership for many years. He has been on several non-profit boards and spent 2 years as an administrator in Door of Hope Ministry, while still being CEO at Beiler Hydraulics. Jim has also done some volunteer chaplaincy work at Lancaster County Prison. He still does some counseling for hurting individuals.

   In 1995, Jim and Lois bought Beiler Hydraulics as an operational business. Jim expanded this business into several branch facets, including motorized robotics and fabrication. Semi-retired, Jim is currently overseeing the robotics team and working with his three sons to manage the company.  Jim enjoys golfing, and loves being with his six children and 24 grandchildren. He is passionate about seeing the next generation succeed in Kingdom pursuits and does some business consulting to help others in their callings.

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