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20 Years of Memories DVD


    For those of you who have a few years, you understand the saying "Time Flies". It certainly has for the Stutzman Family. During the multiple hours of video editing and picture sorting there were more than a few tears shed.  

    Some of it is simple nostalgia. Some feelings are from things that were less than happy memories. But most of all, is the over-powering  sense of an Eternal God who led so excellently, in a pathway we would never have dreamed of, or designed. It was simply a trust in a Saviour who guides; who moved us gently from one element to the next in a life of adventure and excitement, trials and rewards, joys and sorrows, woven together in the fabric of time.

    We hope you enjoy the memories that we have tried to capture in songs, photos, and videos over the years. Along the way, we have created 18 separate recordings, including about 20 original songs. Many of you have enjoyed these recordings and songs, going back to 1993 to the first one, Jesus lives. As the years progressed, the children grew and the vision became their own as well, which was evidenced in the songs they wrote and chose. Music has a way of connecting with the heart in ways that simple words do not. Our vision has been to reach out with our music and bring comfort, hope, and encouragement to all. We hope this video will remind you of the faithfulness of our father. 

20 Years of Memories DVD

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